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Our Engraving Story


It was the combination of our desire to make AO products even more personal and the increasing number of requests from our customers that put the wheels in motion for us to introduce an engraving service.

Most importantly we wanted to make sure that the engraving typeface worked seamlessly alongside our product design ideology. As a result the development of our bespoke AO font went through the same detailed process as our jewellery designs.

To achieve our exacting demands we leant on Colophon Foundry – stunning experts in creating bespoke and digital typefaces. 

Anthony and Edd, the founders of Colophon, were no strangers to AO after featuring in our 2018 Defined by Detail Photography Series. As partners in the photography series we got to know the team and the extraordinary precision of their craft, making them the obvious go-to for our own engraving requirements.

Engraving and other methods of personalisation invoked images of craftsmen and artisans in small workshops using specialist tools and techniques for Alex – it was these vivid scenes in his mind that were the starting point for the new typeface.   

The Alex Orso engraving typeface has taken cues from traditional letterpress type blocks, stamping tools and other classic styles of engraving fonts, which have then been streamlined alongside the minimalist designs of the AO jewellery. We desperately wanted the font to have a feeling of being heritage but with a minimalist Alex Orso update.




The engraving service will be introduced across several AO styles, The Disc Pendant, 5MM Cuff, 7MM Cuff, Outline Cuff and 10MM Cuff.

The unexpected and angled placement of The Disc Pendant engraving allows customers to select up to 8 characters. 

For the Cuffs we have placed the engraving area horizontally at the end of the product inset approximately 5mm from the edge allowing no more than 2 characters.

Initials, milestones and special dates are the perfect things to engrave on our designs.

If you have any enquires about our engraving service don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on engraving@alexorso.com.



Once a piece of jewellery has been engraved it is not possible to return it. We advise that you double check your engraving requirements before completing your purchase. Every engraving request that we receive will be processed individually with care and the greatest attention to detail.


The styles of jewellery that have been selected for engraving are cast in Sterling Silver and then plated with a precious metal. The engraving process will remove the top layer of metal revealing the silver underneath. This brings life to the engraving and helps with its visibility.