Defined by Detail Series: John Procter

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John Procter

Luthier / Nunhead


John Procter is considered one of leading practitioners in his field. He makes and repairs stringed instruments from his studio in Nunhead. Housed in the middle of a converted Georgian townhouse, John’s studio is full of wonderful wooden instruments, intricate tools, wood shavings and half-made pieces – a wooden wonderland. John built his guitar at the age of 16 and hasn’t looked back since.

How did you get into your craft? 

I’ve always been a practical person. I enjoy everything about fixing and restoring things. When I started playing the guitar, it just clicked.

Is there a project or product that you are particularly proud of?

I get a great sense of pride when finishing an instrument and playing for the first time. I am currently working on a guitar that I am particularly proud of.

What are your sources of inspiration?

I’m inspired by my customer’s approval. When I know they are completely happy with their instruments I know I’m doing the right thing. Each piece of wood I start with tells a different story, so it’s nice how each instrument I make shapes this narrative.

John Wear: Hexagon Cuff in Gold and Nut Pendant in Gold
How does Detail Define you?

People expect perfection when it comes to restoring stringed instruments. That’s what I have to deliver. It’s the small details that my customer really look for and value.

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