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What metals do you use?

Our products are cast from the best quality Sterling Silver and Brass.

What are the plating options?

The 22 karat Gold plating is applied over a Palladium barrier to increase its durability. We use the more expensive Rhodium plating because it is more robust and hardwearing than silver. The Ruthenium plating is applied over a Gold flash to increase its resistance to wear and tear.

How can i tell if my product is made from Sterling Silver?

Our Sterling Silver products can be identified by the discrete Goldsmiths' Company hallmarks. This includes a Sterling Silver 925 Stamp to confirm the purity of the metal (92.5% weight of silver and 7.5% copper).

What size product do I need?

Cuffs: Alex Orso Cuffs come in two sizes. The Medium Cuff size is 62mm x 50mm inner diameters = a circumference of approximately 177mm. The Large Cuff size is 65mm x 55mm inner diameters = a circumference of approximately 190mm. The opening on all Cuffs is 32mm. Once on your wrist you can carefully squeeze evenly on both ends of the Cuff to adjust the shape slightly for the most comfortable fit.

Rings: Alex Orso Rings come in two sizes. The Medium Ring size is 18mm inner diameters (UK / P) - (US / 8) - (EU / 56¼). The Large Ring size is 20mm inner diameter (UK / U) - (US / 10½) - (EU / 62½).

Chains: All Pendants come with a chain in the same finish as the Pendant. Our chains come in two lengths and you can make your selection at checkout. Medium (52cm / 20.5”) and Long (70cm / 27.5”).

Can I wear my Alex Orso product all the time?

Yes. The collection has been designed for everyday wear and will begin to reflect your lifestyle. The colour of your product will change over time depending on your skin’s pH. Scuffs and marks will appear, this is to be expected, and will further enhance the character of your product.  

How do I care for my product?

A soft polishing cloth is included with all Alex Orso products. Avoid contact with any detergents or household cleaning products and avoid rubbing the product with any abrasive materials.

How are Alex Orso products produced?

All Alex Orso products are cast and plated (see plating options above) before the High Polish or Brushed Satin finishes are applied by hand. All our stone products are cut, shaped and finished by hand from the best quality natural stone.

Where are Alex Orso products produced?

Our product is designed by our team in London and then produced in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan in Northen India, also known as the Pink City. Jaipur is recognised internationally as the centre for jewellery manufacturing and stone cutting, which allows Alex Orso to bring you the best in craftsmanship while supporting ethical local industry. 

Where do the diamonds come from?

Our South African diamonds are sourced through suppliers who comply with The Kimberley Process (which prevents ‘conflict diamonds’ entering the mainstream market) and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties (which tracks diamonds through the supply chain).

Can I have my product engraved?

Alex Orso will be introducing an Engraving Service in Autumn 2017. This will be available for a selected range of Rhodium plated products. Whilst you can still get your product engraved elsewhere, please note that the core metal (Silver or Brass) will be seen if you engrave a Gold or Ruthenium plated product. This is why we only recommend engraving for Sterling Silver products with Rhodium plating.