Defined by Detail Series: Jordan Watson & Bob Watson

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Jordan Watson & Bob Watson

Recycled Plastic Innovators / Deptford


Jordan and Bob met at Lincoln College, were their friendship grew through their shared passion for carpentry. They set up Happenstance as a carpentry workshop but soon developed STEW, a project based around moulded recycled plastic. They went on to develop simple interior solutions from their psychedelic plastic sheets.

How did you get into your craft? 

 Our passion for making things with our hands spurred us to set up a workshop straight out of University. We accidently started STEW after trying to find a creative way of recycling our milk cartons – we had some sheet moulds made and started playing with colour combinations. 

Is there a project or product that you are particularly proud of?

We have worked on some big bespoke set-build projects using our recycled sheet plastic – we are really proud of them, mainly because of their scale. We also like holding workshops directly with our customers – we get great satisfaction from this.

Jordan wears: 5MM Brushed Cuff
What are your sources of inspiration?

We like simple shapes and forms – they work best when moulding plastic. We also like to reference stain glass windows when we can, using different coloured bottle tops that are donated and sourced.

How does Detail Define you?

There is a certain imperfection that comes with working with recycled plastic (which we love) – that said, we look to detail to make sure that each product is made to the highest standards.

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