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Arjan Van Dal

Ceramicist / Finsbury Park


 Arjan Van Dal has turned his side passion into a full-time career after spending several years educating himself in the art of pottery alongside a full-time job. He is now based out of his studio in Finsbury Park, where he has developed a style of ceramics that is instantly recognisable. His clean simple porcelain forms and bold use of colour has lead Dal to participate in several art and pottery showcases in recent months.

Arjan wears: Disc Pendant in Ruthenium
How did you get into your craft? 
During my engineering master, I wanted to do something creative on the side. I spent my free time at the studio of Raymundus van Kessel. I was hooked to the material. However, after graduation, I pursued a career in governance and ended up within UNESCO. It was about five years ago I took up ceramics again, and now I can say it’s my full-time career. 
Arjan wears: 10mm Punched Cuff in Ruthenium
Is there a project or product that you are particularly proud of?
I just finished a large commission for Gazelle Kitchen Mayfair. All the crockery used by the diners has been made by me. I am also really fond of the coloured pieces I created for ‘The Primary Colour Show’ at Thrown Contemporary, Highgate.
What are your sources of inspiration?
Manifold, I would say. From the sublime use of colour in the Royal Chinese Porcelain (for example to be found in the Sir Percival David Room in the British Museum) to the geometric shapes of modernism and the playfulness of Memphis. In all of them echoes can be heard of my upbringing in the river landscape of the Netherlands, with strong geometric lines and forms.
How does Detail Define you?
My work may look simple, but beyond the surface there are many details. For example, the throwing lines on the inside of the pots are intentional remnants of the making process. Slight curves or a change of angle plays with the striking light over the coloured surface of the pots.

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