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Jack Stutchbury

Graphic Designer



Combining his passions for graphic design, architecture and men’s fashion, Jack Stutchbury has channelled his interests by creating an Instagram feed entitled Address Magazine. Jack’s minimalist yet eclectic style can be seen through his curation of images in the magazine that reflect life, culture and trends in 2020.

How would you define your creative style?

 I feel that my style as a designer is always developing so it’s a hard question! Currently, my work looks at combining traditional printing techniques with digital design; usually with a focus on typography. As well as this I enjoy working with shape, form and structure and applying it to my work.

What do you like about working in your medium?

 Throughout my work I always have the opportunity to learn something new. Whether it’s the use of colour, typeface choices, textures or learning a completely new technical skill, it helps in shaping me as a designer. It is always something I look back on, and see if I can apply it to new projects. It’s a constant learning process which I enjoy!

Where do you find your inspiration?

 I feel I find inspiration in a lot of places! I usually look on the internet, read books and revisit archived design projects, but sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with all the information on there. So I would say, the majority of my inspiration comes from talking with my friends and people around me - conversations about creativity, projects and ideas. Whether it’s crazy ideas or just small talk, communication is such an inspirational tool.

What have been the highlights of your careers so far?
I would probably say that collaborating with graphic design studio Futur Neue. As a designer, I have always been in awe of their work, and by having the opportunity to work together on a project was amazing. We created a range of limited edition t-shirts I screen-printed myself. I had to build an entire screen-printing set up at my house. . . this was a totally new experience but was good fun.
What have been the obstacles you have had to be overcome so far in your career?
I guess one of the obstacles in my work is embracing mistakes and problems. Life is a constant learning opportunity, and things that don’t go to plan are all part of the process! It used to get me down but now I think of it as an essential part of a project.