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Brandon Spicer




Working in a clean but playful way, Brandon Spicer draws upon streetwear, skate culture and vintage sailor tattoo iconography to create his characterful illustrations. Born and raised in Stock Newington, Brandon’s post-modern line drawings have taken on a youthful and laid-back feel synonymous with this area of North London.

How would you define your creative style?

Its kind of a work with what you’ve got approach - all my stuff is just me with pen and paper and seeing what happens.

What do you like about working in your medium?

Nostalgia - I drew a lot when I was younger, mostly comic book stuff or trainers that I liked. I used to spend hours drawing the same thing over and over in loads of different ways. I guess I’ve always liked that sense of accomplishment from making something out of nothing.


Where do you find your inspiration?

Everything really - pop culture, my family, friends, things I see on social media. London culture is a big one. The city itself is so inspiring - there is always something new happening.

What have been the highlights of your careers so far?

Don’t know if you could necessarily class it as a career yet - but I recently bought a tattoo gun which is pretty fun. Looking forward to learning a new medium and experimenting.

What have been the obstacles you have had to be overcome so far in your career?

I guess putting yourself out there. It can be scary - I mean not everyone is going to like what you do and you have to a accept that. You just got to go for it.

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